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replacement rules for existing customers

23 July 2019

Existing AIA customers holding underwritten risk policies issued since 1 June 2001 and retail health insurance customers (excluding Superior Health 3) can migrate to equivalent AIA Living products without any underwriting.

Similarly, existing underwritten Sovereign TotalCare and TotalCareMax risk policies issued since 1 February 2001 and underwritten retail health insurance customers (MajorCare, Absolute Health, and Private Health) can migrate to equivalent AIA Living products without any underwriting.

Any increase in cover as a result of the transfer will be underwritten.

Once we issue the replacement policy, we will pay the commission on the increased premium amount either on the day the new policy is issued or on the following day.

Replacement rules for customers holding older policies are as follows:

Life and TPD

AIA issued pre-June 2001

Customers will be required to go through full underwriting to replace to an equivalent AIA Living product.

Sovereign issued pre February 2001

 Customers can replace to equivalent AIA Living products without any underwriting.

Trauma and Income Protection

AIA issued pre-June 2001

Customers will be required to go through full underwriting to replace to an equivalent AIA Living product.

Sovereign issued pre February 2001


Non-underwritten Health insurance policies (e.g. group policies)

Customers will be required to go through full underwriting to replace to AIA Living Private Health.

AIA Superior 3 Health insurance products

Over the coming weeks we will release further information on our replacement rules and policy alterations. 

Please remember to complete a Replacement Policy Advice form and to supply a signed AIA Living quote to complete a replacement for your clients.

Click here for some FAQs on Replacement Rules.


23 July 2019

SOVHub will be decommissioned at 5pm on Friday 2 August, please ensure that you have downloaded and saved any quotes you wish to retrieve to your computer.

On Monday 5 August at 9am, AIAHub will be live for quoting AIA Living with AIA Vitality. AIAHub will provide you with an end-to-end digital quoting, pre-assessment, pipeline visibility, and our electronic application and underwriting solution. AIAHub simplifies and enhances the application experience – enabling you to present underwriting terms and issue cover for some clients on-screen.

Pending Business Update | Transferring your pending business to AIA Living

23 July 2019

Customers may transfer their pending Sovereign TotalCareMax or AIA REAL application to our new AIA Living product range. Please click here for further information. 

Adviser Journey

18 July 2019

Business integrations always involve change and we are committed to making it as easy as possible for you to continue doing business with us during the transition. To assist you, we’ve developed a summary of key systems, processes, forms, and how to manage pending business.  

The summary is organised around the following key headings

  • Our website
  • Adviser resources & AIAHub
  • Quoting
  • Application & underwriting approach
  • Client servicing 
  • Claims 

We recognise there is a lot of information to take in – please bookmark this page for future reference or contact your BDM if you have any questions.

Our website


aia.co.nz is being refreshed and will be home to information on AIA Living and AIA Vitality along with other useful content about past products.

sovereign.co.nz will no longer exist.
Anyone attempting to access this site will automatically be redirected to aia.co.nz from Monday 5 August.

Currently, AIA customers can ‘Get an Estimate’ for new cover, which generates leads for our advisers. This feature won’t be available at launch - we will be working to get this in place as soon as we can.




AIAHub will be available from 5 August at aiahub.co.nz. You will need to use AIAHub to quote for AIA Living products. Within AIAHub, you will also be able to perform underwriting pre-assessments, submit an online application with new digital underwriting, and view your business pipeline. Here is an overview of AIAHub

AIAHub will contain user guides and “how to videos” from 5 August. We will contact you to organise additional training sessions in the coming weeks and your BDMs are available to support you with any questions you may have.    

AIAHub has been developed around the existing Sovereign SovHub solution, which many of you have been using. You should already have received login details for SovHub, which you can use to gain access to AIAHub. If you have yet to receive your login details, please contact your BDM.

Please note: The existing Sovereign TotalCareMax pipeline will be visible within the AIAHub pipeline viewer – however, any existing Sovereign Quote Builder quotes will no longer be available from 2 August. Please download and save any Quote Builder quotes you wish to retain to your computer.

Also, the AIA Real pipeline will continue to be available via Insight.

Adviser Resources Website 

From 5 August, there will be a new Adviser Resources website to access all the supporting resources you need to work with us and your clients.

You will be able to access Adviser Resources directly at resources.aia.co.nz or from a link within AIAHub.

Adviser Resources will include everything you need; forms, marketing material, sales tools, and product enhancement updates. You’ll also find key information about our AIA brand, AIA Vitality, and our partnership with Air New Zealand Airpoints™.

Copies of the AIA REAL and TotalCareMax policy wordings will also be available in the Document Library.

The Sovereign “Made to Connect” site will no longer be available from Friday 2 August.

Printed forms and collateral

From the 5 August launch you’ll find our Stationery Order Form in the Document Library on the Adviser Resources page. The Stationery Order Form is an editable PDF showing all of the items available to order in printed format. All other resources will be on the website in PDF format.

To help set you up for the release of our new AIA Living with AIA Vitality, we’ll email you our new Stationery Order Form on 29 July so you can start pre-ordering the latest collateral and forms.

Our mailroom team will package up your pre-orders and send them out with delivery expected between 5 and 9 August.

For current AIA Advisers, please note that you will no longer be able to order stock via Bluestar.

XPLAN sites currently administered by Sovereign

The current Xplan functionality will remain the same; however, the branding (currently, “Sovereign or SovNet”) will change to AIA.

“Risk Writer” product templates for AIA Living will be available from 5 August. Information on AIA Vitality will be available as part of the Statement of Advice generated by Risk Writer.

All new policies written under AIA Living will automatically be included in the datafeed. AIA Legacy policies will not be available via datafeed in August.



Quote Builder

From 5 August, you will use Quote Builder within AIAHub to quote our new AIA Living product range with AIA Vitality. If you would like additional training on Quote Builder, please contact your BDM.

 Any existing Sovereign Quote Builder quotes will no longer be available from 2 August. Please download and save any Quote Builder quotes you wish to retain to your computer.

AIA Insights / Sovereign Illustrations

To provide you with an opportunity to transition to our new AIA Living product, you will also be able to continue quoting and submitting applications for AIA Real and Sovereign TotalCareMax for 30 days (to 2 September) using our existing AIA Insights and Sovereign Illustrations quoting software.

Beyond 2 September, you will only be able to continue using the AIA Insights and Sovereign llustrations quoting software to generate premium projections for existing customers.

Sovereign Quick Quote

From 5 August, the current Sovereign Quick Quote mobile app will no longer be available.

If you have the app installed on your phone or tablet, please uninstall it.




The next stage in our digital journey is the launch of eApp within AIAHub on 5 August.

eApp will enable you to progress your quote into an online application with an integrated underwriting engine designed to enhance the application experience and reduce paperwork.

eApp provides underwriting decisions on-screen and will prompt if additional requirements are required. In some cases, clients may be offered cover instantly and have their policy issued on-screen.

Below is a map that takes you through the five step eApp process:

Paper applications

A paper application will be available for AIA Living. This will be available on Adviser Resources as an editable PDF or you can order printed copies using the Stationery Order Form. Please note, the new application forms are not available until Monday 5  August, however you can send us a pre-order if you would like.   

Our Underwriting approach

Our Underwriting team remains committed to providing customers with terms that fairly reflect their individual risk and providing you with high quality explanations for all underwriting decisions.

AIA will be adopting Sovereign’s existing market leading non-medical and financial requirements for our AIA Living product range. Please note: these limits will apply across all AIA and Sovereign products to determine underwriting requirements. 

The AIA Living Underwriting Guide will be available from 5 August on the Adviser Resources website.

HealthScreen®:  Our AIA customers and advisers have recently experienced the convenience of our HealthScreen® services. This service will continue to be offered to new AIA Living customers.


Client servicing

Sovlink and AIA insight 

AIA Insight and Sovlink will remain accessible to advisers to view existing client policies.

The look and feel of Sovlink will be updated to AIA branding and will become the source of information for clients holding new AIA Living policies.

AIA client and policy information prior to 5 August will not display in Sovlink – you will continue to use AIA Insights for the time being.

You can access Sovlink using the same login details as AIAHub or directly from a link in AIAHub. 



We’re here for your clients when they need it most and we will continue to make the claims process as simple as possible.

For all Health claims, the fastest way to make a claim is via the health claims page on aia.co.nz. The electronic form will work for all AIA REAL and Sovereign products.

For Life, Disability, and Trauma claims, customers can complete the online form on aia.co.nz or contact us on 0800 500 108 for assistance. 

Pending Business Approach

11 July 2019

As we get close to launching our AIA Living product range with AIA Vitality, we are committed to making it easy for you to continue protecting your customers.

We have planned an approach that is customer-centric and designed to minimise disruption to you, so it is business as usual.

3 key things to know:

  1. You will be able to quote and submit applications for the AIA Living product range from 5 August.
  2. A transition period will apply from 5 August, where we will continue to allow the quoting and submission for both Sovereign TotalCareMax and AIA REAL products for 30 days, up until 2 September.
  3. Any pending applications in your pipeline will continue to be underwritten and issued as per our current New Business process, or can be transferred to AIA Living. More detail on the transfer process will follow in the next couple of weeks.

Click here for more information and FAQs. As always if you have any questions, please contact your BDM.

Questions? Comments?

Please contact your BDM or email aia@sovereign.co.nz

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